Art direction, storyboards, and concept art. We’re at our strongest when we’re able to be on a project as early as possible, and help work out the visual language of the show.


On set


While most of our work is in pre and post production, it’s not unusual that our designs will become practical puppets, prosthetics, and sets.

We’ll make sure everything stays true to the director’s vision, and ensure that the normally expensive transition from special effects to visual effects work is smooth and cost-effective.



Smoke and mirrors

We have a strong basis in visual effects work, including creature and CG supervision, and deliver modelled, textured, shaded and rigged assets developed from our initial concepts.

By working at every stage of the creative process, we aim to ensure creative fidelity, which helps us avoid the lifeless and generic feel often associated with digital creation


Our goal is to get the most visual potential out of a script, whether that be in pre-production, post-production, or on-set.

We are driven by creating worlds and telling stories. Whether it’s art direction, storyboards, concepts, matte painting, building assets to be printed and cast or digitally animated, whether it’s an invisible effect or a mega-tonne monster, if we can help the story of the film, you can count us in.

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